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The use of microwave

Every now and then we get someone who without leaving any space for argument tells us how unhealthy our meals are since they need to be warmed up using a microwave most often....We are a healthy living and nutrition company, and thus we need to address this fear clearly as to avoid any confusion. We all grew up with this rumor about how unhealthy a microwave can be, and together with most other conspiracy theories it has dwindled in the atmosphere despite much research being released to prove otherwise. We are passionate about healthy living, and pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients used as well as the high level processes implemented to ensure the quality of all our products....

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We Believe

We believe.... That convenience should not only include entertainment and luxuries, that the world is changing, people are awakening, believing that they too are able to decide for themselves whether to live this life healthy or not. No longer will companies that offer fast foods at the detriment of your health rule the market. We are here to join forces with you, in declaring that we will decide how we will live our lives.Plated believes that health can become convenient, can become viable, can become the reality of tomorrow. We believe the businessman and women can eat like an athlete, and the athletes can have the ease of their goals being reached within their grasp. We believe households don't need...

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