The use of microwave

The use of microwave

Every now and then we get someone who without leaving any space for argument tells us how unhealthy our meals are since they need to be warmed up using a microwave most often....

We are a healthy living and nutrition company, and thus we need to address this fear clearly as to avoid any confusion.

We all grew up with this rumor about how unhealthy a microwave can be, and together with most other conspiracy theories it has dwindled in the atmosphere despite much research being released to prove otherwise.

We are passionate about healthy living, and pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients used as well as the high level processes implemented to ensure the quality of all our products.

Without giving too much technical information, we can assure you that most of the profound scientists, and specialist in the field all agree that the technology we are using today is more just safe, it has some definite advantages.

If you are interested in reading more, here are two articles released by Harvard University speaking on the issue.

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