Where we deliver:


We are now nationwide in almost all major city centers. Including: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, PE, East London, East and West Rand and many more places.
Want to make sure we deliver to you : email info@plated.co.za or call 072 373 7608

Please note delivery times for Cape Town and coastal areas vary. Orders for Outside Gauteng must be placed by Wednesday midday, for delivery by the following week. Orders outside of Gauteng must also be R750 or more.

How do I order products:

You can order products through our website or through our Facebook page. Alternatively orders can be made via email at info@plated.co.za, specifying quantities and delivery address. 

Are the meals frozen:

Meals and snacks are frozen, using the best quality equipment to seal in freshness and high nutritional quality. This is the safest, most cost-effective way for you to make sure you are eating conveniently. Remember it's all about convenience without compromise. We use world class heat sealing technologies on our containers, and all materials are recyclable. 

What are the portion sizes:

Most of our main meals vary between 280g to 320g depending on nutritional values, many other companies try and cause weight loss by reducing portion sizes, but that leaves you hungry and low on energy. We believe if the quality of your food is right, you can eat well and still see the same results.

Smaller snacks have different sizes and are specified on the menu's.

How do I know it's healthy: 

You will taste it :) Well there's that, and the fact that we use only the finest ingredients, from premium brands, and well reputed suppliers. With no added refined salts, refined sugars, preservatives and a specialist designed menu offering, you will not only see, and read that it's healthy, you will feel the difference in your body!

And of course yes, we infiltrate all those foodie words such as no High GI carbs, organic options, no GMO options etc etc.

This is always going to take some trust from your side, everyone can promise you the world, but with us we want you to see, and feel the difference in your daily life.

How do I plan my meals:

You stock your freezer, which means you will always have a meal available at any time, and then the options include thawing 2 days worth of food at all times in the fridge, ready for prep, or simply heating from frozen, we have found that most people, who advise against heating from frozen, have probably never tried it themselves :) it works perfectly for us. 

Snacks are kept in the cupboard, and smoothies either frozen or in the fridge, which means you always have a convenient, healthy and tasty meal or snack on hand.

Heating instructions:

We are happy with microwave technology, but understand that everyone isn't, we encourage our customers to read on new science that cuts out the belief that microwaves are detrimental to our health. Also we are far more concerned with the nutritional value of meals found elsewhere, here you know you are getting the finest ingredients and quality meals.

Simply place the meal in the microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on heat settings, get the meal into a Plate for even greater enjoyment and there you have it, faster than any drive through take away.

I've ordered now what:

We will be in touch asap to confirm your order, to make sure you know exactly when to expect delivery, and when you will start enjoying a changed lifestyle. We do send confirmation emails throughout the process but you will find we like communicating personally.

Deliveries take place every work day, and depending on area, and time of order orders can take anywhere between 2-5 working days. Different to most of our competitors every order is prepared freshly for our customers.

How long do the meals last:

We use only the finest, freshest ingredients in our meals. It is safe to say at least up to 2 months in the freezer because of its peak quality. 

What time period can I stay on these meals:

For as long as you want. The longer the better, because we do not used processed, refined and sugary food. This could easily become the foundation of your healthy lifestyle. We want to be a part of transforming your life!