The Diet Doctor - 3 in 1 Fat Loss System

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The new  Ditch the Diet Revolution meals are here.

Most people find that if they plan for at least one healthy meal per day, it allows them to be motivated enough to ensure the rest of their day is also filled with healthier meals and sticking to protocol.
This package includes a variety of our individual meals adjusted to suit the Ditch the Diet Revolution Package 

Menu Variations example:


Pesto chicken and caulimash

Chicken breast and broccoli or baby marrow

Mince gem squash and veg

Chicken stirfry

Ostrich wors baby marrow and veg


Pesto Chicken and cauliflower mash

Spaghetti bolognese with baby marrow spaghetti

Hake stirfry

Beef stirfry and cauliflower rice

Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken Gemsquash and broccoli

We also include your one treat meal per week. 

Also visit  if you have any questions on this approved diet range of meals.