Please note. Kitchen closes 20 Dec. We are taking orders for delivery from the 3rd of January again. Get those orders in to be first in line to an excellent 2020

Convenience Meals | Meal Prep | Personalized Diets | Pre Designed Packages | 


It's simple, order online or via email ( Design your own package, order one of our set packages or alternatively we can even make customized diets and meal plans. 

We will follow up through the process, and have the meals delivered to your door within 2-5 working days. All meals are prepared per order. 

Pick up can be arranged from our offices in Montana, Pretoria.


Convenience meals | Meal Prep both frozen and fresh | Customized Diets | Kids Meals | Snacks | Dedicated packages | Vitamins and Minerals | Health Store situated in Montana, Pretoria | Delivery to your door, across Gauteng and major city centers in other provinces. We also deliver bi-weekly to Cape Town.


We only use the best ingredients possible. No added sugars, salts or preservatives. Food the way it was meant to be eaten. We are on a mission to show that healthy food, can still be tasty food. With a dedicated team in the kitchen, with a passion for creating new and inspiring dishes, we believe that the quality of our meals is what sets us apart.